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"It Is NOT Totally The Fault of High Purine or High Uric Acid FOOD!"

STOP Blaming These Foods for your Gout Problem...

High Purine
High Purine Food
High Uric Acid Food

Look, if your gout problem is solely caused by above listed foods, why you still get the gout attacks even you have completely stopped consuming those high purine foods? *This question always make the doctors scratching their heads. You are about to discover the untold truth of gout here...

Before you read on, you must first...

"UNLEARN Everything You Knew About Gout Before This..."

It is commonly known that hyperuricemia (high uric acid) is the root of gout attack. Doctors always advice all gout patients to control their diet and if possible, abstain from all high protein or high purine content foods. It is easy to say than done. It takes very strong emotional strength to say "NO!" to the favorite foods you have been living with for years.

The most ironic and disappointing part is that even if you managed to cut down the consumption of all those so-called 'high risk' foods, your uric acid level is still beyond the healthy range and Gout STILL attacks from time to time and those gout drugs are becoming less and less effective.

This is because most of the gout patients (including the doctors) do NOT know that there are actually a source of purine hidden inside the body. And the most shocking truth is...

This Internal Source of purine contribute as much as 85% ~ 90% of the purine content in the body!

The purine that enters through your mouth (foods) only contribute to 10% ~ 15% of uric acid production in your body. That is why no matter how hard you try to stop yourself from eating those high purine foods, you can only reduce not more than 15% of the purine or uric acid content in your body.

Eventhough you have become a complete vegan, your body will still produce Billions units of purine everyday. These purines will turn into hugh amount of uric acid that floats around your body. And then some of the uric acid will crystallize and form urate cyrstals that triggers the gout attack.

What Is The Internal Sources of Purine?

DNA - DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

DNA Purine

Out of the 4 bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T) found in DNA, 2 of them (Adenine & Guanine) contain purine. In average human adult, there are between 50 and 70 Billion cells die Each Day due to the Apoptosis or Programmed Cell Death. These death cells release trillions of purine molecules into the bloodstream. Some will be re-used in the formation of new cells, while most of the DNA-produced purines are sent to the liver to be broken down into uric acid for disposal through the kidneys. This also explains why liver meat is on top the list of high purine content food.

Purines In Disguise

Can you spot the Purine Rings in Adenine and Guanine?

DNA purine

Now you should understand why even though you have completely cut off from consuming any high purine foods or to the extent of fasting, your body will still produce trillions units of purine everyday. As long as you are still alive, there will be billions of body cells die off everyday and release the degraded DNA purine bases into the blood stream.


Naturally, we are born with the ability to break down those excessive purine to uric acid for disposal, and that important role is done by the very important vital organ in your body... The Liver.

Liver Purine

Liver is a vital organ in human body, it carries out wide range of functions such as protein synthesis, decomposition of red blood cells, glycogen storage, amino acid deamination, hormone production and the most important job is... Detoxification.

Let's say, if possible, someone shuts off that detoxification function of the liver alone. He/she will go into coma in less than 48 hours and if nothing is done to detoxify or clean the blood, the person will die within 72 hours due to self-poisoning.

Most of us thought that it is the many years of high purine diet that causes the accumulation of the uric acid in the body which eventually becomes so saturated until it crystalizes in the joints and other parts of body (formation of gouty tophi).

This confusion happens because most of the High Purine food happens to be High Protein meaty food too!

Here is the Missing Link...

It is the years of consuming all those industrial processed and refined food plus the chaotic up-side-down lifestyle that pushed the liver and kidneys beyond its limits. That will eventually weaken these organs' abilities to properly process and get rid of the purine and uric acid.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on remembering the list of high purine food to avoid and taking those useless gout medicines, you should focus on learning how to revitalize the liver and kidneys so that they can return to its initial uric acid processing abilities.

Let's take a look at the simplified picture of how our body process the purine:

Purine Process

There are 2 channels to dispose off the uric acid produced in the liver, the Intestine (through gallbladder bile duct) and the Kidney. If there is too much urea (product of amino acids break down) due to your high protein diet, this will burden both the liver and kidney.

The urea or other toxic by-products will occupy these 2 disposal channels and this will greatly reduce the disposal rate of uric acid. Here is exactly the situation of the Uric Acid Output Channels in your liver and kidneys...

Block Uric Acid Outputs

Now do you see the root cause of your problem? This explains why all the drugs (Allopurinol, Uloric, etc) and the abstinence from purine diet, eating tonnes of cherries or other home remedies can never lower down your uric acid permanently and stop your hyperuricemia or gout problem.

This is because none of those methods work on cleaning the blocked Uric Acid Outputs Channels, the Liver and Kidneys.

If you want to get rid of your gout problem once and for all, this is what you want to achieve...

Healthy gout

Now you know the main cause of gout is not the over consumption of high purine diet, but it is the blockage of the Uric Acid Output Channels. Once these output channels are back to healthy normal condition, your uric acid levels will go down naturally and those urate crystals in your joints will be dissolved and thrown out of your body. By then, you will Completely Free from gout for the rest of your life!

The Question Is...

"How to reopen the blocked Uric Acid Output Channels?"

Revitalize Your Liver and Kidneys

Liver PurineKidney purine

Before You Read On...

Gout has already become a very common health problem that affects many people. Almost every person has a friend or relative who is living under the shadow of gout. May be a friend of yours has just been diagnosed with gout and he is desperately searching for alternative solution to it instead of depending on the chemical pain killers for life.

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Massage Your Liver & Kidneys

Do NOT try to massage those organs by extending your hands to the back where the liver or kidneys are located and squeeze or tap on those parts. It's not going to work!

You must know that those vital organs are hidden deep in your torso and protected from external impacts by layers of muscles and fats. The only way you can 'massage' those organs is by stimulating them with Reflexology...

Purine Uric Acid Hyperuricemia

All organs in the body are connected by a series of complex nerve networks and blood capillaries and there are certain zones on your feet and hands that reflex the nerves in the liver and kidneys. Applying some pressure through massage or acupressure on these zones will stimulate the smooth muscles movement within these organs.

World's First & Only

Foot Reflexology Book for Gout

Foot Reflexology Gout

In order to revitalize your long time suppressed kidneys and liver, you must stimulate the organs frequently on a daily basis. Let's be practical, it is almost impossible for most of us to go for a massage therapy at foot reflexology center every single day. By the way, you do not need a complete foot reflexology treatment because all you need is to focus on a few Gout Related Reflex Zones which are the:

  • Kidneys
  • Ureter
  • Bladder
  • Uretra
  • Liver

These parts of your body are where the blockage happens (gallbladder stones and kidney stones). Stimulating the muscle movements within these organs can help to 'push' out those tiny urate crystals sediments before they grow to bigger stones. And with the help of Ionized Alkaline Water (which will be explained later), those bigger crystals that already formed in your kidneys will be dissolved and excreted out from your body.

One important fact you must know is that those newly formed urate crystals are transparent and 'invisible' under normal X-ray photography. Which means you will never know the existance of these urate crystals until some of them grow so big and hurt your kidneys.

By the time you feel the pain at your lower back (the kidney location), the kidneys are already severely damaged by those urate crystals. You either start to 'massage' the kidneys with reflexology Now OR the doctors will have to use the surgical knives or laser to clean up the mess in the future.

Instead of spending the money and time to goto the foot reflexology centres, you can actually do it at home at your own time and comfort. As long as you know the right spots to press on, your objective will be achieved. Foot Reflexology is not as complicated as you imagine. Do NOT let the confusing Foot Reflex Chart scares you off.

Foot Reflexology Chart

There are 70+ reflex zones on your feet! You don't have to know them all. You only have to focus on what matters to your gouty problem. Besides the above mention 5 reflex zones, this book adds another 4 closely related zones as well:

  • Adrenal Gland
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Testicle/Ovary
  • Prostate/Uterus
This is because an gout attack is a type of auto-immune problem in which the white blood cells over-react towards the urate crystals (which are identified by the immune system as foreign invaders). Stimulating the Adrenal Gland and Lymph Nodes can help to 'tame down' the over sensitive immune system.

Although it is not so much mentioned in most of the medical journals, but the real life fact is that gout and hyperumicemia can significantly affect a gout patient's libido or sexual performance. I cannot explain in details here on how high uric acid affects your sex life. If I do, I will have to write another thousand words which will make this web page even longer. So...

Is Gout Related to Sexual Dysfunction?

If you are a victim of gout for years, I guess you already have the answer in your mind now.

Gout and Sex

There are only a total of 9 reflex zones you have to focus on to help to revitalized the organs related to your gout problem. You can ignore the other 60+ unrelated zones. This book will save you hundreds of dollars from paying the reflexologists or buying the wrong refloxology books. Instead of wasting your time to read through those thick books, you can finish reading this book in less than 2 hours. The unique great thing about this book is...

Straight to The Points!

It doesn't beat around the bushes. Here are some snapshots of the book...


Uric Acid



Gout cure


The challenge of doing foot reflexology at home is that you will need someone's hands in order to comfortably access to certain reflex zones. This can only be done when you are at home, if you have a family member who is willing to help your out.

To cultivate the habit of constantly 'massage' your liver and kidneys through foot reflexology is like going for a gym or follow through diet programs, many people give up becuase of the inconveniences.

Understanding this, I have put in extra time and effort to find out a much more easier way to 'massage' your liver and kidneys. The solution is through Hand Acupressure Reflexology.

Hand uric acid

Since the reflex zones on the hands are smaller than those in the feet, simply massaging on these small reflex zones cannot really stimulate the muscle movement in the liver and kidneys. You need to acurately apply pressure on these spots in order to achieve the objective, that is why it is known as Hand Acupressure Reflexology contrary to Foot Massage Reflexology.

In order to acurately 'hit' on the reflex spots on your hands, you will need a tiny sharp (not too sharp like needle) tool to help you with that. Toothpick is a perfect candidate for this job, but the problem is that you might not hit on the right points with one single toothpick. That is why I have invented a new 'technology' known as...


It might seems easy to make, but when you try do it yourself, chances are high that some of the toothpicks will fall out of place. Too many toothpicks together will spread away the pressure, too little toothpicks will reduce the chances of hitting the right spots.

The Secret Formula of making your own Acutoothpicks is shown in details inside the book. Personally, I have made a few of these (How much does a few toothpicks cost you?) and put one in my car, one next to my computer, one next to my bed, one in my pocket, and these little magic tools also serves as a reminder for me to 'exercise' my liver and kidneys whenever I see them. Good or great?






I don't like complex things, neither do you. So I have tried my best to extract the best and most relevant parts of Hand Reflexology specifically cater for gout patients. This book will save you from wasting your time and money buying a bunch of hand reflexology book and search for the right points. Here is a great offer for you...


Hand Reflex



Since the launch of these 2 Books, there are hundreds of e-mails flooding into my Inbox asking if there is any discount if they want to purchase both "Cure Gout with Foot Reflexlogy" and "Hand Acupressure for Gout Patients". Almost all of them are interested in those 2 books. Due to popular demand, I have decided to offer these 2 book together at one affordable price.


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Total Value : $138
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FREE Incredible Bonuses!

3 in 1 Bonuses

Bonus #1


The common medical solution or home remedies for gout is heading towards a dead end. Well, if they works you won't be reading this now. The problem is that everybody is looking at the gout problem from the same angle of view.

If they do not jump out from the conventional point of view, they will never see the whole picture of the internal body situation that leads to gout. This book is about looking at gout from a new perspective which doesn't require those medical terms to understand.

Still remember your algebra? When you want to solve an equation with multiple unknowns, do you think you can solve the problem by creating more unknowns and make it more complicated? Of course not! You must first SIMPLIFY it! You can never solve your gout problem by creating more unknowns (taking more varieties of gout drugs).

So You Think You Know Gout Well Enough? Try Answer These...

This book is going to tell you the answer of the following unknowns with simple and logical scientific explanation.

Gout Allopurinol Why Some People Suffer From Gout Attack Even Though Their Blood Uric Acid Reading Is Low?
Gout Allopurinol Why There Are Higher Chances Of Getting Gout Attack During Winter?
Gout Allopurinol Why Almost All Gout Sufferers Are Having Thick, Dark And Slow Flowing Blood?
Gout Allopurinol How Does Having Thick Blood Lead To Other Modern Diseases? 
Gout Allopurinol Why Gout Patients Feel Tired Or Sleepy Most Of The Time?
Gout Allopurinol How Does Drinking More Water Help Reduce The Risk Of Having Gout Attack?
Gout Allopurinol How Kidney Stones Form? How Does It Related To Hyperuricemia?
Gout Allopurinol Who Is The Culprit? Hyperuricemia Causes Kidney Failure Or Kidney Failure Causes Hyperuricemia?
Gout Allopurinol Why Hyperuricemia Is Usually Followed By Hypertension?
Gout Allopurinol Why Most Of The Gout Patients Are Obese? What Is The Missing Link In It?

This book is organized in a unique question based manner. You can start out by reading the chapters that is most relevant to you first and slowly build up your understanding about gout by reading the other chapters. That is how our brain works! We tend to focus more on things that closely related to us first and better focus always result in better understanding.

Here is the list of topics you should NOT expect from this book:

GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT History & Introduction of Gout. Google it.
GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT Gout Remedies or Recipes! I bet you have tried Cherries, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc. Effective or not? You tell me.
GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT Discussion On The Common Gout Meds. Again, google it.
GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT Herbs Talk. Herbs can be as complicated as Meds. The answers are within simplicity, not complexity.
GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT Vitamins Suggestion. Your problem is having too much of acids, not lack of nutrients.
GoutZyloric DON'T EXPECT List of high purine food or acidic drinks to avoid. Hmm... Google it.


Bonus #2

How to Neutralize The Uric Acid In The Body? Watch This...

The Alkalizing Power of Calcium Ion



What is Calcium Ion?


  • It is NOT the same as those calcium supplements your get from pharmacies. Those are synthetic unnaturally calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, etc.
  • Calcium Ion has very high ionic charge that can effectively activate the body fluids to become alkaline and antioxidative.
  • Try google "Calcium Ion" and the search result is some websites with some boring high school chemistry definitions.
  • Calcium Ion is name we used here in my region to represent a type of natural occuring Calcium that has multiple health benefits.
  • The type of Calcium Ion available here in Asia is different from those available in the Western market. But I have done a lot of researches and tests to compare the effectiveness for different types of Calcium Ions.

Among the important topics covered in this easy to read book are:


Where to get the supply of Calcium Ion in your country.


The amount of Calcium Ion to take in a day based on how long you had have gout problem.


How to minimize the possible discomfort of Healing Crisis.


The right amount of water to take according to the suggested Calcium Ion. (Too much water will dilute the effect. Too little water is not enough to carry the ions.)

The pathway of Urate Crystals formation in the joints and how Calcium Ion Reverses the process and eventually Melt away those Needle Crystals that triggered your gout attack.

"The uric acid reading of my blood has dropped from 600+ to 300+ in just ONE month!"

- Mr. Aliffin from Perak, Malaysia.




"On the second day after I began to take Calcium Ion, my 'performance' in the bed has improved so much that my wife asked me did I take Viagra or Tongkat Ali (Malaysia's popular aphrodisiac herb)! Now I fee that my body is lighter and more energetic."

- Mr. D from Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia.




"I got my first gout attack since 1992, I've tried everything. I lost count of how much I have spent! With your Calcium Ion, it is really miracle! It's really good! Who ever want to try, who knows it works for you too!"

- Mr. Jusoh from Terengganu, Malaysia.



*Note: I own a business in Malaysia offering a brand of Calcium Ion to the local market. Above testimonials are 100% real. You will learn more about it in this Bonus ebook.


Bonus #3

How Effective It Is Compared to Other Home Remedies? Check This Out...

Only Alkaline Water Ionizer can turn a normal water to the strong alkaline water that can neutralize the uric acid. This book will explain how an Alkaline Water Ionizer works and it also teaches you how to choose a unit of ionizer at reasonable price.


"Hi, I have been using the high pH water for about 6 months. I feel better and I had 1 attack. This attack was slight and went away in a couple of days. Thanks again for your advice." - D. Hoffer, U.S.




"Hi Hemen, I thought you should know that since I started giving him alkaline ionized water and mineral alkaline concentrate drops, I see a tremendous improvement with his condition. The pain stopped and inflammation already subsided. This of course along with modifying his diet to include more fruits and vegetables… Thank you so much for the help and valuable insights. "

- Michelle, Philippines.


Chanson Water


5 Books ($327 Value) at ONE Price ($19.97)!

It took me more than 3 years to read through all the books regarding Gout, Traditional Chinese Acupressure, Natural Healthcare, Water & Health, and a lot more great books plus the feedbacks from my gout clients to finally compile these e-books.

Gout Books


"Hello Hemen, I just got through implementing what I read in your comprehensive series on gout. Let me first say that I was a bit hesitant because there is so much information out there that is confusing, not really helpful, and possibly dangerous, but you have broken gout down to a science. There is no mumbo jumbo here.

You are a respected man- who I can see- cares greatly for his fellow man. You are dedicated in every aspect to easing the unnecessary suffering that goes on when a disease is misunderstood. I found that if I am disciplined, and I put your hard earned information to use, I was able to drop my uric acid level four points (from 10.8 to 7.2) without any medication at all. It wasn't magic-just good science, explained thoroughly, by a brilliant man.

Thank you so much Hemen for your contribution to this awful disease. Keep up the good work in all your endeavors!"

- David Michael Como Jr. Author of "Defying Goliath", and quarter-century survivor of childhood cancer.


Everything I share here are proven effective by hundreds of real life gout patients. Thus, grab this offer while it is still available. And thanks to the advent of Internet, these books are in digital form and that allows you to get direct access for my years of experience INSTANTLY right after you complete the online order process. You don't have to wait for days for the postman to deliver the books to you like the physical books do. And the best part is...


Take 60 Days with ZERO Risk to read through these books and try the suggested gout solutions. This is a 100% confidential & discreet access. I can guarantee that you will feel much more confindence in curing your gout after you know the actual root of it.

I promise this will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future meds, pain killer shots, or potentially more expensive treatments and surgeries. Most important of all is it saves you from wasting more time searching for answers. The quality of your life is... Priceless.

I am so confident that with my very personal help, you will cure your gout naturally, safely, and easily without any side effects, and for good.

If you try my natural methods, but somehow not seeing any results (which I doubt), then just simply let me know, I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund.  You can choose to keep my $327 worth of secret knowledge or throw it away.

All Risk is on me.

gout guarantee


Grab It While It Is Still Available...


NOTE: All books offered here are downloadable e-books. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-books onto your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF file, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


Look, Gout Is 100% Predictable...

Which Stage of Gout Are You In Now?

Stage 1: Your blood is thick and dark because of the high uric acid concentration.

Gout Thick Blood

Stage 2: You frequently feel tired and sleepy because of the slow flowing blood.

Gout Tired Sleepy

Stage 3: There is significant drop in the level of your sexual desire and performance.

Gout Erectile Dysfunction

Stage 4: Gout begins to attack your lower joints, especially big toe which causes intense pain and swelling.

Gout Swollen Feet

Stage 5: The gout attacks starting to "climb up" to the upper joints such as your hands and elbows.

Gout Swollen Hand

Stage 6: Urate crystals causes permanent physical damages to the cartilage of smaller joints such as your fingers which makes them unbendable.

Gout Crooked Fingers

Stage 7: Tophi starting form near the skin surface, most of the time it begins near the ear lobes.

Gout Tophi

Stage 8: Kidneys function degenerates and formation of kidney stones. If left untreated, it will eventually leads to kidney failure.

Gout Kidney Failed

Stage 9: Final Stage?

Gout Game Over

If Gout Is Predictable, There Must Be A Pattern Or Root Which Can Be Tracked Down To.

This Means... Gout Is Curable!!!

Earlier You Take Action, Sooner It Will Be Cured. Just Don't Delay Until The Final Stage, For That Will Be Too Late...


What Are Your Options?

Option 1: Continue on Those Gout Drugs

Diabetic Drugs

Continue depending on the drugs that is designed to manage or suppress the symptoms and hoping the government will come out some new medical plan to cover your ever increasing medical bills. The result? You can see many of them lying in the hospitals waiting for the final call. Try to ask them what medication they are on and for how long they have been taking it. See what a former pharmaceutical industry sales rep has to say about the drugs she had been promoting for the past 15 years...


Option 2:



For Your Health,

Hemen Sign

Hemen Ee Hemen Ee
Alkaline Water Specialist
EzineArticles Expert Author
Water & Health Consultant

P.S. Do not delay as you will get instant access to these secrets for ending this condition naturally for life. It's been said that failure to take action at early stage can make gout harder to eliminate over time. Don't wait until then. It's not worth the risk. Try to imagine how much the quality of your life and your love ones will improve after you kiss the notorious gout good bye, for good.

P.P.S. I might have to raise the price any day from now because of the production costs and I genuinely want you to have this offer. You have never seen anything like it. This method or approach is cannot be found in stores because it's considered as an alternative of the alternatives.

If you wonder why I am revealing all of this, it is because I want to share what I know and 100% sure effective method to as many gout patients as possible. It's hard for me to fly over there to share my specialized knowledge with you. I reckon this book is the best way for me to share it with you. I love seeing others succeed from my discoveries and I more than happy to hear stories of you getting rid of gout. So remember, I look forward to YOUR personal testimonial. All the best!

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